muck1 [mʌk] n [U] informal
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language]
1.) dirt, mud, or another sticky substance that makes something dirty
Come on, let's wipe that muck off your face.
2.) BrE waste matter from animals, sometimes put on land to make plants grow better
= ↑manure
special machinery for spreading muck onto the fields
dog muck
3.) BrE something that is unpleasant or of very bad quality
How can you eat that muck? It looks disgusting.
I'm not surprised she left. He treated her like muck (=very badly) .
4.) make a muck of sth
BrE informal to do something very badly and make a lot of mistakes
= ↑muck up
I really made a muck of the exam.
5.) as common as muck
BrE informal very common or of a low social class
muck 2
muck2 v
muck about/around phr v
1.) to behave in a silly way, especially when you should be working or paying attention to something
= ↑mess around
Stop mucking about and listen!
Some of the boys were mucking around on bikes in the middle of the road.
2.) muck sb about/around
to cause trouble for someone, especially by changing your mind a lot or not doing what you promised to do
= ↑mess somebody around
The company kept mucking us around and changing the price.
muck in phr v
1.) to do your share of the work that is necessary in order to get a job done
If we all muck in, we could get the whole house painted by the end of the week.
2.) to share space with other people
muck in with
There are only three bedrooms. Do you mind mucking in with the other boys?
muck out [muck sth<=>out] phr v
to clean the place where a farm animal lives
You have to muck out the stables every day in the winter.
muck up [muck sth<=>up] phr v
1.) BrE to do something badly, so that you fail to achieve something
= ↑mess up
I really mucked up my driving test first time.
2.) to spoil something, especially an arrangement or plan
= ↑mess up
The bad weather mucked up our plans for a picnic.
3.) BrE to make something dirty
= ↑mess up
Who's mucked up the carpet in here?

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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